DIY Home Automation

DIY vs Professional Home Automation Installation

Gone are the days when only the rich and famous could afford state of the art home automation systems. Today companies have made home automation software and systems so affordable that people with small and medium budgets can afford a basic home automation system. So the question on most people’s mind is not about the affordability of the systems but whether they should go in for DIY home automation or whether they should invest in professional home automation installation. If you have this question on your mind then we’ve listed below the strengths and shortcomings of each choice.

DIY Home Automation

Most companies have made it pretty simple to install your own home automation system. But before you embark on your DIY journey, its best you make a note of what you want. Do you want to just control your lights? Or do you want to control all of the electronic devices in your home? Do you want to go in for a Linux home automation system? Once you decide what exactly you want in a home automation system you can pick up a home automation system and components accordingly. If you aren’t very tech savvy then you may face several roadblocks while trying to install your home automation – what do you do when your wireless network goes down? How would you know if your security cameras get hacked by someone else? And would you be able to manage all your equipment from your smartphone effectively? For those who are technologically challenged, you should just start off with a basic DIY home automation system or save enough and hire professionals.

Professional Home Automation Installation

Even though many companies are making home automation systems easy to install, many opt for a professional setting up their home automation network. One of the advantages of hiring a professional is that they are always aware of new trends and updates in the market. As soon as they receive system updates, upgrades and patches, they’ll update your system so that you get to enjoy uninterrupted home automation. Professional installers will be able to immediately identify a weak wireless signal or poor structural integrity. One of the best reasons of getting professionals on board is that they have mastered the art of customisation. One meeting with you is all it takes for them to understand your requirement and customise solutions accordingly. If you are renovating or constructing a new home, professional installers will work with your contractor and electrician to ensure that you get a home automation system that works efficiently. Once you hire professionals, you can just sit back and enjoy the joys of home automation while they figure out everything. The drawbacks of hiring professionals are their consultation and installation services may be expensive for those on a budget.